Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Awesome Long Distance Relationship Gifts

One of the things we get asked about a lot is good gifts to get each other in a long distance relationship. You want to get each other something that will make you think of how much you care about each other, and remind you of each other when you aren't together.

Lars and I got each other a lot of photo gifts in the beginning of our relationship. That's a good place to start. It definitely reminds you of the other person.

Cafe Press is a great place to start to make some personalized photo gifts!

Cafe Press also has a new personalized gift: a personalized monopoly board!

I think this would make an amazing gift. Lars and I mentioned in our post about Long Distance Dating Rules that you should have actual Skype dates. Well what if you had matching custom monopoly boards with pictures of each other that you could use to play over Skype! I can't imagine anything more adorable. I might have to do this myself.

Everyone loves a cozy sweatshirt:

And you can never have too many t-shirts:

Someone in Vermont Women's Pink T-Shirt Travel Women's Light T-Shirt by CafePress
Someone in Vermont Women's Pink T-Shirt Travel Women's Light T-Shirt by CafePress 

Sticking with the theme of cozy clothing, I also think this sweatshirt is adorable:

Remember, the goal of these gifts is to make you think of each other. That's why I think the next gift is amazing. It is a compass in the shape of a heart that says "love will find a way" on the back. You can carry this with you all the time and remind you the direction that your heart actually yearns for (kind of like Captain Jack Sparrow).

Love Will Find A Way Pewter Pocket Compass

I'll add one last idea to this post. We might have to repeat this again in the future as we think of more gifts!

This last gift is a set of adorable pillow cases. If you each kept one, it would remind you every night that the other person was thinking of you.


I hope you found this post useful! If you have some more gift ideas, post them in the comments!


  1. My boyfriend and I go to different universities so 8 months of the year we do long distance. We've been doing long distance for 2 years now and this past Christmas I made him a bunch of "Open When" letters. These letters are to be opened at a specific moment such as "Open're upset" or "Open's midterm season". In the letters I tried to imagine what I would want to say to him during these specific moments. I also included a little something in the envelopes as well, generally pictures, to help put a smile on his face. I know he really appreciated the letters and it's a super cute gift!

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