Tuesday, February 12, 2013


long distance for dummies: balance

This post will be more about our relationship in general, but I wanted to bring up one of my favorite things about how us.

No matter what it is, money, time, or effort we make an effort to always, always, always make it balanced. 

We split essentially everything right down the middle. It makes each person feel like they are pulling their weight and does not allow for resentment, jealousy, or any other issues that could potentially happen based on an inequality in a relationship. Obviously perfect equality isn't always possible; for instance my time is more limited than Susie's because I am currently working two jobs and she is in graduate school, so we work with what we have and make sure that we make each other a priority.

The biggest thing to remember with implementing balance in a relationship, is to do your best. Nothing is perfect and people come from all sorts of backgrounds and demographics, but as long as you both are putting an equal amount of effort into making it as balanced as possible, it will be easier to avoid issues that could otherwise interfere with the relationship down the road.

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