Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Beginning

To be honest, the beginning of any long distance relationship can be the most difficult. I am Lars and this is my first post / blog of any kind. This is just two main things that I dealt with in the beginning of our long distance relationship.

long distance for dummies: the beginning

If you're used to having that loved one around, you now need to adjust to the larger amounts of time that you will have. One thing that is important to do is to find people or activities to help fill that time. This can happen in a few different ways. For me I found these two options helpful:
  1. Develop and maintain close friendships and 
  2. Start a new activity/hobby/project that you've been putting off.
Another aspect that can be difficult in maintaining the connection with your significant other is the physical aspect. What has worked for Susie and me is to make a commitment to seeing each other AT LEAST once a month. This ensures we have that needed physical connection and comfort. It is very important in maintaining that aspect of the relationship. Being apart is hard and taxing on any relationship. By making this commitment you are showing that your significant other is worth the time, money, and effort required to get off work and get to the airport / drive to where your significant other is.

I have found that by sticking to those two commitments, it has proven possible to maintain the connection with my loved one.

Stay strong and know that it is worth it and you can do it, together.

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